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Family Matching Family Matching Grey and Red Plaid Pajamas STM-GREY-PLAID

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Family matching Grey and Red Plaid pajamas are perfect for the entire family. Imagine sending out cheerful holiday cards or waking up Christmas morning in our cozy matching pajamas for the whole family. Available in women's, men's, infants, kids, and doll pajamas, and even bandanas for your pet.

The Solid tops and the infant and kids Pajamas WILL shrink when washed up to 3%. We have already accounted for the shrinkage in the sizing listed above. (Most shrink occurs in the length NOT the width)
Women's Sizing: XS (2-4), S (4-6), M (8-10), L (12-14), XL (16-18), 2XL (22-24)
Men's Sizing: S (32\ Chest/ 26\ Waist), M (36\ Chest/ 30\ Waist), L (40\ Chest/ 34\ Waist), XL (44\ Chest/ 38\ Waist), 2XL (46\ Chest/ 40\ Waist)
Reminder per federal regulations infant and kids pajamas are tight fitting. Order accordingly
Infant & Kids Sizing: 0-3M, 3-6M, 6-12M, 18-24M
2T (32-34\/ 26-30 Lbs)
3T (34-36\/ 30-32 Lbs)
4T (37-39\/ 33-36 Lbs
Kids 6 (45-48\ H/ 45-55 Lbs/ 23\ Waist)
Kids 8 (51-54\ H/ 56-72 Lbs/ 24\ Waist)
Kids 10 (54-57\ H/ 73-81 Lbs/ 25\ Waist)
Kids 12 (57-60\ H/ 82-93 Lbs/ 26\ Waist)
Dog/Cat Sizing: S (neck 6\-9\), M (neck 10\-13\), L (neck 14\-17\), XL (neck 18\-21\)

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